Write For Us

Thank you for your interest in being a guest writer for Downs Ups & Teacups. I am so excited you have connected with my blog and want to partner with this developing community!

One of my top values is freedom, so I like to give my guest writers space to be creative and authentic. However, I do have a few expectations as we build our alliance together as fellow writers.

Here’s what I ask…

Be real — Be genuine and unique.

Show up — Bring your whole self to our readers and be fully present in your writing.

Empower — Express to readers your insight, and then empower them to find a takeaway that will make readers positively grow and feel encouraged.

Follow-through — If a deadline is set, do your best to submit work on time.

Be open — I plan to edit posts in a way that honors both writer and reader. However, I will send you the changes before publishing.


Q: What should I write?

A: Please submit for one of the categories listed. Anything that relates to these topics would be a great fit. If you need additional guidelines, think about expression, exploration, and encouragement. These are broad guidelines, so, if in doubt, run some ideas by me. I can reassure you that you are on the right track!

Q: What is the guest writing process?

A: Share your idea for a post. Write your post. Provide a picture and a short bio. I will review your post and provide edits. Then, I will send you an “invite” to my blog where you will approve being an author and submit your bio. Finally, you will preview your post before we finalize and publish. Then, share away!

Q: How long should my post be?

A: There isn’t a set requirement. Review my previous posts to get an idea on length. The goal is quality. But please don’t send anything longer than 1,000 words.

Q: Can I post anonymously?

A: I have done this in the past and believe that it goes against my goal of empowerment. As a writer, you must learn to be real, even when it’s hard, and stand by the words you share. It is difficult empowering others if you cannot bring your whole self to the table even during the “downs.” We also hope to grow our community through guest posts, and that is difficult to do when the writer wishes to remain anonymous.

Q: When should I send you my work?

A: If you have read this far and still want to join, contact me with a week you can send me your post. We will work together leading up to that time, and I will add you to the schedule while excitedly anticipating reading your work!

Disclaimer: As the lead writer/editor of Downs, Ups, & Teacups, I will edit the piece for any grammatical errors and will also be sure the submission fits the voice of the site before publishing. Personal links can be included in the bio only.