Are You A Nature-Lover With A Case Of Wanderlust?

Are You A Nature-Lover With A Case Of Wanderlust?

I’m a lover of the outdoors, yet I don’t get out nearly as much as I’d like. It’s very rare to hear people say that they don’t like going outside to explore nature. Travel broadens the mind and stimulates the soul. Keeping your perspective in check requires you to head out outside of your comfort zone once in awhile and visit places that will ensure a great adventure!

Though I have a long list of places I’ve been, there’s an even longer list of places I’d love to see!

So, where should you go next? This world is a large place for the budding adventurer, so making the most of it should first be addressed by identifying what countries can give you the best helping of the wanderlust pie.

Here are three recommendations specific to the nature-lovers:

1. Canada

Canada is one of my favorite places I have traveled. Its landscapes are practically untouched! I remember crossing the border back into the U.S. after an amazing camping and canoe trip and I was immediately being bombarded with billboards and advertisements. The United States is noisy while Canada gave me space to breathe. The country is beautiful, young, and radiant in its natural landscape.  Once you’re in this gorgeous country of beautiful forest expansions, the Canadian Rockies, and the gorgeous multicultural cities close to the stunning great wildness, you’ll agree that Canada is a must-see for the nature-lovers. 


**Note: For a smooth entry to the country, make sure that you’re all applied and ready for your ETA eligibility upon arrival to the border – more on that at

2. Norway

Go to Norway…Svalbard, Norway to be exact. If you have any worldly knowledge at all, you’ll understand why. Here is the place where the Northern Lights are more visible (and it’s a must-see on my bucket-list!). It’s difficult to be the same after watching a full northern light show. However, Svalbard offers much more than just the lights. Click here to become convinced of Norway’s beauty yourself. 

Despite some people who might visit the same area with you to watch the display, it can feel like an intimate affair — as if the lights are only there for you. Between November and the end of January, no sunlight hits Svalbard and is instead lit by blue twilight, lending the entire landscape an air of magical, fairy beauty — a must-see in person!

If you make it there before I do, send me pictures so I can live vicariously through you. Please and thank you!


3. USA

There are also places of beauty right in your own backyard or just a short plane ride away! There are few places more beautiful than the Grand Canyon in Arizona. People who witness the incredible size of it are often changed for the better, and humbled as a result. Once there, there are multiple nature trails to explore.

There are also beautiful places in the USA like…

Yellow Stone National Park, Wyoming

Moab, Utah

Sonoma and San Diego, California

Asheville, North Carolina

Denver and Breckenridge, Colorado

and more!

Are you experiencing wanderlust? There are ways to fulfill those parts of you just by a little travel! Our next destination is Nashville, Tennessee!

Where will your next adventure take you?

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