Tables & Teacups

In the end, we only regret

Have you ever wanted to gather people together to make them feel seen, loved, and appreciated, but never opened your home because you have allowed excuses to keep the door closed?


There are too many things that need to be fixed in my house to make it look "just right."

I don't know how to cook for that many people.

I don't have all the supplies I need to host.

It will be awkward because I don't know what we will talk about.


Once you step away from the excuses and start to see gatherings as a way to create a safe space for connection and to invest in others, you will begin to open your doors freely.

My personal excuse was that I couldn't cook. "If I can't even cook for my family, how will I ever cook for a dinner party?" But then I saw mamas who were tired, mamas who were underappreciated, and mamas who needed a night out! And there I was with a beautiful table, plenty of space, a cupboard full of more than enough teacups to share, and I wasn't sharing my space!

One night I went to a dinner party hosted by The Gathering Table and it gave me the confidence to host my first gathering just for mamas!

I wasn't sure what we would talk about or how it would go, but I knew the things I could control was the environment, the people I welcome inside, and the prayer that would surround the entire evening.

Below you will find everything you need to host a dinner party: resources, ideas to fill gift bags (I often host other mamas, so some of the items are included with moms in mind), and a conversation-starter printable.


So, here's the thing. I want YOU to clear off your tables, grab those empty teacups and start your OWN gatherings! Maybe it's not with other mamas, but it could be with your neighbors, people who inspire you, or people in need of some extra care. Whoever it may be, don't put pressure on yourself for it to be perfect. Just invite, serve, and watch the magic happen!


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Include a blank card for guests to pass along encouragement to someone else.

Buy a large container of bath salts and separate into little bags for each guest.

A mini printable always makes a great gift for guests! Find one that fits your gathering.

Create a card to include in gift bags with access to this digital magazine.

Include a roll of washi tape with a pattern that fits the personality of each guest.

Inspirational magnets make a great fit to any gift bag.

Purchase several tiny vases, and then head to your local flower shop for some succulents! These can even sit on the tables with the name card!

Fill a roller ball with an inspiring essential oil blend!

Pocket notebooks make a great gift! Buy them in bulk and leave your guests with an intentional way to write in them!