Tiny House Living

Tiny House Living

tiny living encompasses: tiny houses, life simplification, environmental consciousness, self sufficiency, sound fiscal plans and life adventures

I would like to preface that we do not believe this lifestyle is for everyone. But it works for us, and we have been excited about this transition!!

Background: Ever since David and I met, we have talked about “tiny house” living. We were intrigued by the whole idea, and the more we learned, the more popular the idea seemed to become nationwide. We noticed the more time that passed, the tinier the houses became. We began to delay our dream calling it “an idea for retirement.” In our minds, there was no way to make our home smaller while growing our family larger. The houses on the show Tiny House Nation became intimidating but also motivating. The show had us on the edge of our seats eager to implement the ideas and talking about other creative ways to make better use of space.

We soon realized the homes on that show were mostly the extreme living situations to create entertainment. We knew we cared more about the lifestyle than the size. We may not have had plans to move into a 400 or even 200 square foot home, but we could still live a “Tiny House” lifestyle! We wanted to take action.

Simplifying: We have always been intentional about simplifying from the beginning of our marriage. We had done a clean sweep through our first home three times last year before the move. Despite donating bags of clothes, tossing old toys, and realizing we didn’t need a stash of hundreds of toiletry items, “in case we run out,” we still had a long way to go–and probably still do.

Before packing, we spent a week downsizing. We had a sell, need and donated pile to sort through. We sold most of our furniture we knew wouldn’t fit and spent evenings on Pinterest being creative and exploring ways we would utilize our 800 square feet of space most efficiently. We wanted to clear out the clutter to make room for memories and time together.

After the move, we would soon discover the new home would require being resourceful, working as a team, an extra dose of patience, and even more downsizing.

There are various sizes of homes all over the world. To many, our home would be a mansion. We are learning it is all about perspective. Even from the first time we saw this house we were amazed at the limited space; since then, we have felt like our home is actually quite large with less clutter and more intention.

Enjoy pictures of our tiny home!

After reading this blog, what ways do you hope to implement the “tiny house” lifestyle in your own home? Leave a comment!

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