Why Time Spent Together As A Family Is Important To Child Development

Why Time Spent Together As A Family Is Important To Child Development

After several long months of putting my head down and working crazy hours, I took a break. With my computer shut, my attention was no longer split between family and work, but instead, it was put entirely on my family.

This weekend, we spent every minute together. We laid in hammocks, played games of tag, and hopped around the living room with our new pet bunny.

In the evening, we threw on our dirty shoes, left responsibilities at home, and went to the park. My husband and I sat on a nearby park bench. This particular bench was high off the ground and allowed my legs to dangle like a child — even with my tall frame. We could hear candid laughter and watch the freedom that ran through their spirits because the playground belonged to only them. Work was not on my mind. Instead, I was reflecting on my childhood memories with my family and enjoying the scene right in front of me!

Bringing up children is one of the hardest and most rewarding parts of life. Having a family is often a huge dream for most of us, but along with the fun, it does come with hard work and responsibility. We have to become the caregiver, the provider, the guide, the shoulder to cry on, and more! And in the midst of all our responsibilities, we need to prepare our children for adulthood. One way we can ensure we are preparing our children well is to spend time together as a family.

Here’s why:

1. Family time encourages healthy relationships.

One of the most important reasons that quality family time is vital for children’s development is the effect it has on their relationships. If you want your children to be able to enjoy healthy connections, you need to set a strong example. As your children go through life, they need role models. Children often form their own relationships based on a reflection of the examples in front of them. So, encouraging family time is a great way to promote healthy relationships in their future. Because my children have two working parents, it’s easy to trade the kids back and forth between mom and dad. But the day in the park — we were all together.

2. Family time gives them confidence.

You will find that family time will help to nurture confidence. Confident children have a lot of different characteristics. But one of the ways that you can help to bring these out in them is through the support of your family. If you want your children to grow up happy, confident, and emotionally strong, having a strong family unit will help!

3. Family time broadens their horizons.

Another way that family time is important for your children and their development is the way that it can nurture their minds. By spending time with different family members, your children will be able to think freely, take on new perspectives, and even learn new things. You can even involve the extended family! A grandma who loves to cook or an uncle who loves to play sports can only encourage new thoughts, questions, and ideas in your children, which will help to nurture them in different ways.

4. Family time teaches the importance of relationships.

Thinking back to the idea of healthy relationships, you should also find that family time demonstrates the importance of family to your children and relationships overall. With lots of people around, whether it’s a special occasion or your family reunion, a lot of value is placed on family. This will help them to understand why it’s important to put family first.

5. Family time develops their sensitive side.

Nurturing the right skills and views in your child is important, but it’s also crucial that they’re well balanced. A huge part of their development is compassion. If you want your children to be happy and emotionally healthy, developing a sensitive side can help with that. Family time is great to show children how to be compassionate and considerate of others.

Although you may have your own ideas on how to encourage and nurture your child’s development, the emphasis on family time is something never to ignore. For a healthy and well-supported child, always remember to put family first.

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What are YOUR favorite ways to spend family time?


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