5 Simple Decorating Tips

5 Simple Decorating Tips

I know I’m always looking for simple, easy-to-implement decorating tips because two of my favorite things to do are simplifying and decorating my home. But I also have a contradictory favorite thing and that is regularly changing the look of my environment.

You will hear me discuss topics about simplifying and change on the blog quite a bit. Today, I want to touch on how to bring these two ideas together while decorating. But first, let’s talk about why the subject of decorating is considered one of my ups.

I am pretty sure this love has been passed down from generations before me because it’s in my mom and both grandmas as well. Then you toss in my aunt who is a talented interior designer, and, with her talent, we could have our own show on HGTV! Okay, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but we do all enjoy a discussion around paint chips and fabrics.

We all love to change things up and set a new tone for our surroundings. I remember growing up never knowing what changes would await me when I got home from school.  My mom didn’t spend much money, but her canvas was her home and she valued spending time on the appearance of our day-to-day environment. She may not have had control of the crazy things we would do as kids, but she could control the beauty around her. She would create works of art with bedspreads, throw pillows and knick-knacks like an artist would with paint. I was in awe.

Within my home, I have discovered a unique spin I bring to decorating that revolves around my value of simplifying.

Here are 5 simple tips to help you the next time you plan to decorate:

1. Choose pieces to go into your home that are interchangeable.

Sometimes I have a picture in the bedroom that is then moved to the living room for a season. Other times, I have candles or books on my desk that end up on my mantel.

2. Choose colors for every room that are in the same family.

The colors I use in each room are different but are all relatives to each other. I particularly enjoy earth tones of browns, greens, and grays with a backdrop of white. You can do this with any colors you like as long as they are in the same color family.

3. Choose a theme that revolves around a purpose rather than a trend so it sticks around longer.

The overall theme in my home includes purpose/meaning. I choose globes because we love adventure, but they also offer an assortment of colors that can match everything. Books are used to add varying levels when stacked and are also a timeless piece. And you can’t go wrong with fresh items like flowers or greenery to represent life and nature.

4. Don’t be afraid to change things up!

If you need a change in your home as often as I do, try gathering all your decorative items and putting them in the center of the room. You will want to pull from the pile and group items according to shared color. Find colors that link together and unite a group of items. For example, the yellow candlestick in one of the pictures below pulls out the color of Australia on the globe, and the green plant matches the green print on the candle.

After sorting colors, you can work on sorting groups according to various sized objects. If you are decorating a mantel, you wouldn’t want three candles next to each other that are the same height, and you’ll want different heights across both ends to balance the space. Don’t have a tall globe, candle, and picture on one end and on the other have short candles and flowers. Space them out!

5. Find one unifying piece to tie everything together in your displays.

In the pictures below, I have a garland of book pages that are tossed among each grouping of items. When I would look at my mantel before adding the garland, I noticed it looked like clumps of items instead of one beautiful picture. Find something that connects all the items together for a finishing touch.

The main point I want to make is that I encourage you to simplify your decorating. Pull from what you have and challenge yourself to try different looks. Don’t limit your decorating to only buying what comes in a matching set from Target. When you do this, you are choosing a set that doesn’t go with anything else and is outdated in a year or two. Give yourself the freedom to pick 1-2 pieces from the set and find your other items elsewhere, including within your home.

I hope you’ll try some of the tips above. I know you will be pleased with the look of your presentation using items you already love!

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