A List Of The Best Summer Break Essentials And Tips

A List Of The Best Summer Break Essentials And Tips

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Summer break is finally here! Last year, we went on five separate trips to six different locations. We spent time in the mountains of Colorado, dipped our toes into the sandy, Bahama beaches, and spent time visiting great friends scattered across the U.S. So naturally, the travel bug has bitten us again this summer! We haven’t totally narrowed down where we plan to go this year as we are a last-minute family. But I am working toward planning how to make our next summer vacation go as smoothly as possible, and I wanted to be sure to pass along some simple tips!

Maybe it was months ago when you booked a week or two weeks off work, but all that eager waiting and anticipation has finally paid off. Now you’re left wondering… do I have everything I need? The answer is usually “no,” and we’ve all entered that blind panic as we rush around trying to prepare all the things we need for a vacation. You had months to prepare, and you end up doing everything the night before. The key is to take a deep breath, stop panicking, and assess the preparation process step by step. This guide might help you with that, and here a few necessities for your summer break.

1. A plan

This should be the most obvious, but, for me, it’s the most difficult! Maybe you’re already set when it comes to researching your destination; perhaps it’s only a few miles away, or maybe it’s a few thousand miles away. Whatever the case, you should take a plan with you either on your phone or a piece of paper. I’ve even known some friends who have entire vacation binders (not really my thing) but whatever works for you, make sure you have formed some kind of plan. This isn’t for you to leave disappointed because your vacation didn’t meet your expectations, the plan is to get the most out of your vacation. Ideally, have some documents saved about things to do and then check them once you’re at your destination.

Be sure to leave some room in your schedule to be a little spontaneous

There’s nothing wrong with being a little last minute when it comes to your trip, just as long as you don’t get there and realize you’ve forgotten half of the things you needed to pack or you have no research or plan with regards to what you need to do. When it comes to a camping vacation, the lack of a plan might not be too devastating, but a trip abroad can be wasted if you don’t have a full plan of all the things you need to see during your short stay.


2. Summer gear and protection.

Finding the right summer gear is always a little bit of a nightmare because it’s less about fashion and more about wearing something that won’t overexpose you to the sun and damage your skin (in the mind of a parent, anyway…). You could browse through Everlane to find your summer basics or some fashionable online clothing options for kids such as dsquared kids shoes, Wildly Co. kids clothing, or there’s always a nice selection on Amazon as well. Whatever summer gear you and your family opt for, you should do some research ahead of the trip to know what and how to pack as well as what temperature to expect at your destination.


3. Take the essentials.

When it comes to what you should be packing in your suitcase, you need to think simple. Where are you headed? If it’s an all-inclusive hotel then you won’t need a lot of essentials (although you don’t want to forget anything not included, as it’ll likely cost you a fortune to replace on the resort). When it comes to something such as a camping trip, however, everything is an essential; it’s unlikely that you’ll find a convenience store in the wilderness. 

Here are a few of my summer essentials:

1. Kiss My Face Spray Sunscreen

2. Turkish Beach Towel

3. Sunglasses

4. Summertime Fedora

5. Swimsuit and beach coverup

6. Travel makeup bag

7. Beach bag or summer tote

8. Summer boho maxi dress

9. Insulated water bottle 

10. Classic beach sandals

11. Seasalt hairspray for beach waves

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