Writing Services

We believe in the power of words.

Your business success is directly impacted by your message, yet few businesses take the time to hire professional writers and editors for content creation.

Don’t put all your time and energy into marketing without developing clear, written communication to effectively spread your message, services, or products!

You want your writing to be persuasive without sounding "salesy," full of personality without sounding unprofessional, and compelling while still being genuine.

We want to help!

With a combined writing/editing experience of ten years, Karly and Amanda are confident they can help…

  • Accurately articulate your message.
  • Impress your ideal customers.
  • Turn a random visitor into a devoted follower.

Words need to do more than just answer x, y, z. They need to feel good and resonate with both you and the readers. Let us intuitively choose the right words for your message. We will include buzzwords that your clients want to hear without overselling.

When you work with us you can count on the following:

  • The process is a collaboration where you are valued and your voice matters.
  • You will receive copy that stands out but maintains a professional feel to earn you more money!
  • Creative writing is great, but we will provide copywriting that will cause potential clients to do more than “feel good” — they will want to take ACTION!

Getting to the heart of what you're trying to say and focusing on clarity are important parts of content development. And rest easy knowing that…

You can count on a simple process.

  1. Email and tell us your needs.
  2. Fill out our questionnaire so we can get to know you and your business.
  3. Receive your rough draft within 7 days of completing your questionnaire.
  4. Respond to us with feedback and requested “fixes.”
  5. Receive final draft within 3 days of feedback.
  6. Rave about us in a friendly review *wink*

What can we do for YOU?

WordPress Services

  • Homepage — welcome your ideal client
  • About Me page — tell your story and leave an impact
  • Sales page — the important “money-maker” page that can include product or service descriptions
  • Mission’s or Manifesto page —answer your BIG WHY!
  • FAQ page — save yourself from the hassle of answering the same questions again and again

Email Marketing Services

  • Newsletter content
  • Email content funnel— an important key to sales conversions 

E-book — specifically related to your brand/business

Blogging & Ghost Writing


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