Life Coaching Services

Life Coaching Services

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Partnering with a coach is a brave and courageous decision, and your life will be positively changed because you chose to take action to better yourself.

My life coaching journey began in 2010 during my sophomore year of college. I first sat down with my own personal life coach. My life coach equipped me with resources I had never discovered within myself, encouraged self-awareness, and helped me follow my dreams and life purpose. The methods she used in her coaching are still with me today.

I’ve been a Lark's Song Certified Life Coach since March 2014 and have worked with a variety of clients. A life coach recognizes your value and provides accountability and guidance as you mold, explore, and create a purposeful journey.

Life Coaching will bring you to a place of wholeness. My goal within your coaching experience is to empower you to see and claim your value that is already there! Within you, there are many resources and gifts. You will learn to live out your purpose through intentionality. Together, we will foster an environment internally and externally life-giving.

To begin a life coaching relationship, we will form an agreement, or a "designed alliance," on how we can most effectively work together and how I can best serve you. There is not a "one-size-fits-all" approach, and we will walk hand in hand through your discovery and learning process.

Each session will begin with you defining the topic you'd like to cover and me offering new perspectives and asking "curious questions" that allow you to uncover new beliefs about yourself and your circumstances. In between sessions, I provide accountability for the goals you've set for yourself and will send you resources to help support you along the way. 

I hope for the opportunity to walk alongside you as you recognize, experience, and cultivate the unique life you were given.

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If you're not quite ready to dive into a life coaching relationship, check out The Dreamer's Nest monthly subscription -- an affordable introduction to life coaching resources!


"Probing your own personality isn't an easy process, not even in the best scenario. But I'm keenly aware of how my frustrating experience could have been so much easier if I'd known -- even a little bit -- what I was doing. Looking back, I wish someone had pointed me in the right direction. I wish I'd had someone looking over my shoulder, encouraging me when I headed in the right direction and gently calling me back when I wandered off track. I needed someone to ask me the right questions at the right moments and to point out the key things I should have been paying attention to." -- From the book Reading People by Anne Bogel


Myth: Life coaching is just paying for a friend to listen to you.

Truth: I am a certified life coach. This means I am an expert in helping you live your personal best life. Everyone's "personal best" is different, and, as a coach, I have the tools and resources for an empowering self-discovery process that goes far beyond what a conversation with a best friend can offer. Olympic athletes hire coaches -- not because they aren't capable -- but because they need someone who can take an outside perspective and offer tools and resources

Myth: Life coaches only help the Average Joe who is disappointed with his life.

Truth: There's a reason successful business leaders, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and CEOs use the services of a life coach. They know they want to take their businesses to the next level, but they are looking for support and resources!

"Coaches have the ability to view things from afar — in what some call ‘helicopter vision’ — and to shed new light on difficult situations. Often they can act as a sounding board through tough decisions, help sharpen skills, and motivate. " - CFO Magazine

Myth: Life coaches only help those who aren't able to help themselves.

Truth: We are only able to help those who are willing to help themselves! Life coaches believe that it's YOU who has the power! We see you as creative, resourceful, and whole, and we are there to cheer you on as you discover how capable you truly are!

Myth: Life coaches are "wannabe" therapists.

Truth: I love therapists and have used them many times in my life. However, I have no desire to be one. What has always drawn me to life coaching was the FORWARD movement. Counselors are wonderful for healing, but as a life coach, I am here to put the past behind you and walk with you as you move forward.

Myth: Life coaching is an overpriced, paid mentorship.

Truth: We aren't mentors AT ALL! We are not here to give you advice based on our own life experience or to tell you what to do. We coach to help raise awareness of your own capability and capacity for problem-solving and goal achievement.


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  • My brother has been considering getting life coaching services for a while now. I like what you said about a coach being able to unlock your client’s potential. This is something I certainly want for my brother and I think he would really benefit from it.

  • I thought I was burying a book and some life coaching but I am not sure what I payed for. I haven’t received anything or received any emails. Obviously I didn’t understand. I do need life coaching so I am interested. Please help.

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