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Downs Ups & Teacups

Here's what people are saying about Downs Ups & Teacups:

"Every story ends with encouragement or insight that prompts me to get back on my feet when I'm down in the dumps. Your stories are honest. They're not all sunshine and they're not all rain. I think that's what makes Downs Ups & Teacups so special. Your stories show life for what it is but still offer optimism that I think we all appreciate so much!" --J.M.


"Amanda's stories are real, relevant and they always encourage me to think a little deeper in the busy everyday life. Her approach encourages reflection, positivity, and gratitude, and I like that it's always without ever passing judgment." --A.E.


"I love reading [Downs Ups & Teacups] stories because they can be deep and they can be funny. It really makes my heart swell." --A.G.