Free E-Book For Parents

As a mother, I have a lot to still figure out! Every day it seems like I learn about something I've been doing wrong and a better way to do things right. But because I have been so blessed to learn tips and lessons from some rock-star mamas, I wanted to share with you the one area that I have grown as a parent -- empowerment.

If my kids learn nothing else, I pray that they learn who God created them to be. That's what this e-Book is all about! I want this short read to equip you to confidently lead your kids in a way that doesn't praise them for what they DO but also encourages who they ARE!

If you benefited from what you learned in this free e-Book download, please pass it on to other mamas so we can empower more children toward a fulfilling and confident life!

Remember, it takes a village!

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"I love it! I think my favorite part is the page about saying 'I'm sorry.' This has such a huge impact on kids and doesn't get nearly the amount of attention it deserves. As someone who has worked with literally hundreds of kids in various childcare settings over the last 8 years, and these 5 things all have a clearly visible impact on the way kids see themselves and interact with the world."

--Sarah Reynolds, Signed Sarah


"Amanda Foust's e-book will soon become every parent's guide to helping their children prepare for a life of healthy independence and completeness. In a short easy-to-navigate list, Amanda walks us through the minefield of parenting. With ease and simplicity, she offers insights and common sense guidance that you know will work before you even try them! Consider this one a gift to yourself and all the Moms out there who you know and love! It will become a treasured companion and part of your success story!"

--Lisa Leshaw, Her View From Home


"I really enjoyed the e-book and the simple, easy-to-read design of it."

--Amanda Dunn, When I Rise