5 Tips For Mompreneurs To Achieve Balance

5 Tips For Mompreneurs To Achieve Balance

Excited to have personal and professional development expert, Claire Adams, share tips for mompreneurs to achieve balance! Enjoy!

Mompreneurs are the modern-day epitome of the Wonder Woman – they exude confidence, decisiveness and a protective, yet loving warmth. And above all, they seem almost too good to be true, much like an unreachable ideal we cannot fully comprehend, let alone embody.

But in reality, Mompreneurs are as human as one can be, imperfectly perfect in their drive to find new ways to make the most of motherhood while pursuing a career. We can learn so much from them. Our parenting journey is riddled with confusion and worry, and a working mother learns to handle the chaos with creativity and resourcefulness.

1. A support system is pivotal.

No matter how strongly we believe that motherhood is a full-time occupation (as it truly is), there are times during the day when you need to focus on your work and other chores so that you can switch to back to the “mom role” as soon as possible. You also need that precious time of silence, solitude, and socialization, so perhaps grandparents or your partner in crime can step in and spend some quality time with the children while you take a moment to yourself!

Consider hiring a babysitter or enrolling your kids in a daycare program that will allow them plenty of physical and mental activities to be not just entertained but truly engaged until you come home. When they’re young, and spend time outdoors, or with their peers, they are much more likely to develop healthy habits.

2. Become the scheduling guru

Long-term goals serve as wonderful motivation to push us through the tough times, but it’s the small tasks that make a difference on a daily basis. Especially while immersed into this new role of mommyhood, you’ll need to take baby steps – assign yourself milestones every day and every week, to have a better grasp of your responsibilities at work and home.

Let your fridge lead the way, and use it for post-its, messages, and weekly schedule maintenance, but keep your work and your private life as separate as possible. The clearer the lines, the easier it becomes to reduce distractions and ending up at the dry-cleaners when you were supposed to attend a Skype business meeting.

3. Sweat off the stress

It’s tempting to devote all your love and attention to your little ones, yet how can they look up to you if you fail to practice what you preach? Physical activity is important and treating it as crucial as your professional efforts will help you pave the way back into a well-balanced, healthy life. What you’ll need to do first is get geared up with good exercise clothes for moms like Mammojo and find the right venue. Keep your workouts a part of your mighty fridge schedule, make them a family-friendly activity!

4. Make time for family

Working moms know it well – when you spend hours every day devoted to your professional development, it makes perfect sense you want to have quality family time with your partner and your little ones. With so much to get done during the week, you can have weekend getaways, field trips, and brief adventures as a whole family!

Set up a picnic, go camping, play volleyball on the beach, visit the Zoo or start a family project, explore nature –anything to be together. These precious moments build closeness and form a strong family bond, but also teach your children values that will shape them into kind and loving people.

5. “Me-time” vs. “we-time”

Finally, don’t forget about your own needs, outside of work and family. You have an identity that’s worthy of further growth and care, and investing time into your own hobbies and self-reflection will have a healing effect on your entire being.

The time you spend fostering intimacy with your partner is bound to keep you fulfilled and happy. Nurture your closeness throughout all the ups and downs, and this partnership will be your greatest support in times of hardship.

Before you think it’s too hard to be a mompreneur, practice the tips above! Let us know how it goes!

Claire Adams

Claire is a personal and professional development expert who believes that positive attitude is one of the keys to success. You can find her online writing and giving tips about lifestyle and development as a regular contributor to highstylife.com. Also, for those looking to enroll their children in a tailored tuition center, check out: https://numberworksnwords.com/au/

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