4 Easy Tips For Moms To Relieve Stress

4 Easy Tips For Moms To Relieve Stress

Being a mom sometimes feels like you are participating in an obstacle course against your will. No matter the three steps forward you might have taken, you are immediately pushed two steps backward. Whether you’re tripping over legos or getting your elbow stuck in syrup as you sit down to eat your cold breakfast, sometimes you just need a guide to help relieve daily stress.

As a mama, there are many demands on your time, so it’s no wonder you sometimes feel zapped of energy trying to deal with the chaos that surrounds you. Being a mother doesn’t mean you need to lose yourself in the process. Make time to look after yourself so you are ready to face the challenges (and the joys) of motherhood.

1. Get out of bed before the kids.

It’s 4:50 a.m. and my tired body is up with my tea and frozen waffles. There was no alarm set for this time, but my eyes weren’t able to stay shut any longer and productivity won over the tossing and turning in bed. Waking up before your kids does NOT need to be a daily occurrence, but a few times a week can really make a difference. Those few, short morning hours may be filled with yawns and foggy eyes, but it also may be the only time you can be alone with your thoughts.

Sleep is important for restoring balance to your mind and body after a busy day, but you should go to early enough that you to rise early before your little ones demand all of your attention. Spend the early hours relaxing, praying, or reading a book. For these few moments, enjoy the peace and quiet around you, and start your day on a positive note!

2. Have a cup of tea.

Drinking tea helps to reduce stress — a benefit to moms everywhere! Green teas are especially good at bringing you a sense of calm. However, the ritual of making the cup of tea is also a stress reliever due to the promise of something warm and comforting. My favorite way to make a quick cup of tea is using a steel tea kettle. They heat up water quickly — giving you a freshly brewed cup of tea right when you need it.

Drinking tea is sometimes the only thing during the day that I do for just me. Sips from a teacup gives needed space for peace and rest.

3. Be present.

A lot of our stress is caused by worrying about what has already happened or the unknowns of the future. You can’t change the past and trying to control your future is impossible. Instead, you need to get into the habit of focusing on the present. Deal with any issues that arise, but as they say, ‘don’t sweat the small stuff.’ Life isn’t perfect, and problems will happen, but try to choose a positive perspective. Some things matter in life, and some things don’t. Learn the difference, and try to adapt.

When we dwell instead of rush, suddenly the paint dried on the bathroom door handle is a sign of our children’s creative exploration, the pen marks in your favorite book is a reminder of the first time your son tried to spell his name, and the dirt on the rug symbolizes the outdoor adventures that were had until the sun went to sleep.

4. Spend time with others.

Being a mother is emptying, and we can’t rely on our kids to fill us up. There are times when you need to be alone to recharge your batteries and times when you can benefit from the company of others. Whether it’s a partner or close friend, make time for social interactions. Laugh, talk, and vent all of your pent-up emotions. Other people can help you gain perspective and offer encouragement and support.

Tell me in the comments, how do YOU overcome stress as a mama?


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