How To Be A Mom But Still Look Out For Yourself

How To Be A Mom But Still Look Out For Yourself

Becoming a parent changes your entire world forever. Suddenly, taking care of your children becomes the main priority, and those sentiments ring true on a daily basis. Still, that doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore your personal need for happiness too.  

This post is written to provide mamas with practical ways to not lose themselves along their parenting journeys.

After all, a happy mom is a better mom. Making an investment into your long-term happiness is key to achieving balance in your life. Given that the rewards will improve the lives of your entire family too, it should be one of the key items on your parenting agenda.

Here are 6 simple tricks to help you look out for yourself:

1. Be healthy.

Maintaining great health isn’t always easy when juggling parenthood with other life commitments. However, keeping your body in the best possible condition will work wonders for energy levels and pain management. 

Given the amount of time needed to prepare meals for your child, it’s not uncommon for your nutrition to lack the attention it needs. Visit to find practical ways to add exercise back into your life. By following plans designed specifically for moms, you should see positive results in a matter of weeks. (Really enjoying trying this myself)!

It’s equally important to stay hydrated at all times, and coconut water is an increasingly popular way to do just that. Let’s face it; sleep levels are likely to decrease when you’re a parent (Am I right??) So take care of the parts of your life you CAN control.


2. Make time to be around other adults.

Maintaining physical health is one thing, but keeping your mind in a positive place is another. As much as you love spending time with the kids, it’s equally important to create time for friends and family. Otherwise, the hours and hours of kids only zones will start to eat away at your sanity.   

Combining family duties with seeing friends can be a great option. BBQs, bonfires, and other family-friendly days can also make a great excuse to get together with friends. Meanwhile, it’s equally important for loving couples to make time for date nights — even if it means coming up with a creative home date ideas. Time to celebrate your love can make a world of difference in your happiness.

There’s nothing greater than spending time with your children, but your life also needs adult company. Do not forget it.


3. Set career goals.

Becoming a mother will inevitably bring a huge change to your career and associated aspirations. While money isn’t the most important thing in your world, it is a key element for providing for your kids. Therefore, it’s important to challenge yourself and continue setting career goals if you are going to be responsible for some of the earnings!

Of course, many women will become stay at home moms. Being a mom is the hardest yet most rewarding job of all. However, thanks to tech advancements, there’s now ample opportunity to work from home and start home-based businesses if that’s what you desire. With a little creative thinking, there’s nothing to stop you from balancing both elements of your world.   

If you return to normal work after maternity leave, remember that success in the workplace brings greater enjoyment outside of it. If that doesn’t keep you motivated at all times, nothing will. Aside from the direct benefits, a successful career sets a great example for the kids that they can do both as well!


4. Take time to pamper yourself.

When you’re parenting, there’s little time to make yourself feel beautiful. In truth, there are times where your appearances simply won’t be a priority. Then again, there’s no doubt that looking good makes you feel good. Don’t feel guilty for taking the time to pamper yourself so you can feel as good as you did before kids.

This is especially true when a lack of sleep leaves you looking and feeling down. If you don’t have time for makeup, try these quick but easy hairstyles in the morning that go beyond that “go-to” messy bun you’re probably rockin’ right now! (It’s okay, I am too!)

There’s no need to spend hours and hours getting yourself ready on a daily basis, but a little time will leave you feeling more like yourself.


5. Get organized.

Feeling a sense of control has a huge impact on your confidence as a parent. For the most part, you’ll be thinking about the children and what can be done to ensure they are developing in the right way. Along the way, it’s important to manage your time and stay as organized as possible. It’s a lot of work upfront, but it pays off in the long-run. 

Improving your time management skills will inevitably benefit your life. Getting into the habit of maintaining good organization now will serve you very well when the kids get a little older too. For both immediate and long-term rewards, getting this step right is vital.  


6. Stop stressing.

As a mother, comparing yourself to others is only natural. But no two families are alike. As long as things are working well within your family, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.   

Stop pressuring yourself to be like the other moms around you. Learn to have patience with yourself and your children so you aren’t welcoming unnecessary stress into your life. The day doesn’t always turn out as expected or planned, especially when children are involved, but as long as you can roll with the punches, you will be fine. Make a list of things you can do to lower your stress throughout the day. For me, it’s laying in my hammock at the end of the day, listening to a podcast while I cook dinner, or reading a book during rest times.

Becoming a parent has its hard moments, but don’t be so caught up in the stresses that you forget to find the joy. 

Tell us in the comments how YOU make time for yourself despite the demands of motherhood.


Amanda is a wife, mother, writer/editor, and certified life coach. Pen and paper make her spirit come alive. She spends her creative time reading, decorating, and handwriting fonts. Her world is better with an assortment of chocolate and a packed bag ready for travel. She works each day to be a creative maker, storyteller, and dream-chaser.

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