7 Tips To Stay In Control Of Your Life

7 Tips To Stay In Control Of Your Life

Let’s be honest, having a family, running a home, and handling your personal life can get all too consuming at times. While it shouldn’t always be stressful, it’s impossible to keep every plate spinning 100% of the time, and it’s understandable that you can feel out of control at times. That’s life in general.

Many days I wake up with a to-do list that’s longer than the minutes I have that day. Even if I scheduled out every “must-do,” it leaves no room for error. And let me tell you, there is always a lot of error! But instead of sitting back and feeling down on myself for all that I didn’t do or being resentful towards the people or circumstances that keep me from reaching my goals, I’ve been trying to focus on the things that I can control in my life.

When I spend time on the things I can control, suddenly I have more time to enjoy a nice warm cup of tea, or even arrive at places with time to spare. It can be the smaller things in life that puts a smile on your face. With that in mind, here are some of my top tips to help you find and stay in control of your life and rise above the chaos.

1. Don’t let the cleaning overwhelm you.

Cleaning can seem like a never-ending task, wouldn’t you agree? I went from a tiny house that could be deep cleaned in about a half an hour to a large farm house with a lot of square feet on a giant plot of land. The cleaning seems unending some days. Not only can cleaning take you hours, but the minute you step out of a tidy area and move on to the next, it can become a bit of a mess once more (thanks, kids). There are always tasks that you want to do each day, and then often other chores can be forgotten, especially if they are not things that you do regularly.

A great tip to avoid being overwhelmed by cleaning is to create your very own cleaning schedule. This will help you monitor the jobs that you want to be completed daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly. Ensuring that no chore gets missed and that you feel completely on top of it. Plus spreading certain cleaning tasks over the course of a week will help to keep your home looking tidy consistently. You will know where you’re at with your cleaning goals at all times and keep yourself from repeating unnecessary tasks while neglecting other areas.

2. Delegate chores to children or other family members.

Remember, the cleaning shouldn’t always be left to you. If you live in a home with others, then everyone is responsible! Delegate certain jobs. You can ask your children to make their own beds or put laundry away. Perhaps your partner can take the trash out or help with other cleaning tasks. There are plenty of options to consider and, without overwhelming family members, decide between you how you can all pitch in to lighten the load. It could even free up time for other family things like a game night, movie night, or an evening out. The way my family works is we decide what jobs we absolutely hate and which ones we don’t mind and try to delegate that way. For example, I’m not a huge fan of vacuuming. Though I still do it, my husband will often step in as he doesn’t mind this task. He is in charge of the kitchen (because the kitchen is a scary place for this non-cook ha!) And I pretty much handle the rest of the home as I have an eye for things that my husband doesn’t. 

Another tip, for those with kids, is to not redo what they have done to clean! For example, my son likes to help me fold laundry. He is two, so his folding skills are lacking. But I don’t sit and redo everything he has done or else he will be less eager to help or learn that he doesn’t have to work hard because “mommy will fix it.” I cheer him on and every now and then try to teach him how to improve, but overall, the clothes are shoved into a drawer anyway, and though I’d rather them be nicely folded, the lesson is more important. 

3. Be prepared.

It’s hard to keep track of the latest trends or all the things you need to show-up successfully in all of your various roles. Maybe you need something for work or the home or your kids need equipment for sports or extra school supplies. Sit back and enjoy yourself while you let www.CouponSherpa.com keep you up to date with all the latest discount codes and vouchers available for everything you need to feel prepared. You will find things to prepare you in ways you didn’t even know you needed!

But remember, your goal should be less about doing more and instead about finding efficient ways to make life a little easier.

“Strive not to get more done, but to have less to do.” –Francine Jay

4. Simplify

“Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” –William Morris

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Hoarding is one of the things we can all be a little guilty of at times. But what can happen is your family home can feel overloaded with things you just don’t need in your life. For example, closets can be full of clothing that you don’t wear or that no longer fit. Some people can stick to capsule wardrobes with the same items day in day out and be perfectly happy, while others like having more options. Either way, it’s always a good idea to go on frequent decluttering missions. When it comes to clothing for the whole family sell or donate clothes that no longer fit. Websites like www.ebay.com are a great place to sell items. When you view decluttering as a freeing experience both in feeling and financially, this will help you easily resist clutter.

Other things to consider decluttering are items you no longer need in your home. Kitchen gadgets, decor that you no longer love, anything can be sold or donated and either make way for new things or grow your savings. There are some interesting articles online all about minimalism within the home, and it can be a great way to feel more in tune with your home. After all, a clutter and messy home can often have a huge effect on your mental mindset.

During your decluttering mission, ask yourself:

Is this item necessary?

Have I used this item recently?

Does this item mean something to me in a sentimental way?

Would I miss this item?

Here are a few of my favorite minimalist blog posts:

5 Books Every Aspiring Minimalist Should Read

Why Kids Need Minimalism

Here’s How You Should Declutter Your Home

5. Take control of your finances.

The financial aspects of your home life might be down to you, so it’s important to ensure that you stay within budget and find ways to save each month. This can take a lot of pressure off when it comes to buying new things or investing in the future for things like vacations or school tuition. A great tip is to go through recent bank statements. Canceling recurring payments you no longer need and even switching providers for things like energy and insurance. Try to go without for a month and use that money for savings. Stop eating out, making frequent trips to Starbucks (speaking to myself here), or going on spur of the moment shopping trips! Don’t let your money have control of you! Here’s a great post about the best budgeting tips!

6. Don’t let the food bill get out of control.

This goes along with tip number five. One bill that you can control is food expenses. The food shopping can spiral out of control if you don’t take things seriously when you head to the store. Arm yourself with a list and try out meal planning. It is a great way to ensure you only buy what you need rather than stocking up and wasting food. Another tip is to consider batch cooking as buying certain ingredients like meat in bulk can keep the cost down. There are plenty of guides online if you are unsure where to start.

I liked this healthy menu printable here.

7. Keep a schedule.

Finally, try and keep a schedule for you and your family. This means that everyone can be on the same page when it comes to communication and where someone needs to be at what time. A lot of children have extra-curricular activities in which they need to attend, so having a schedule means that everyone will be accounted for at any given time. Here are some printables to help keep you organized! For someone who struggled with planning, here is how doing so actually gave me more freedom!


Tell us in the comments what YOU do to stay in control of your life!


Amanda is a wife, mother, writer/editor, and certified life coach. Pen and paper make her spirit come alive. She spends her creative time reading, decorating, and handwriting fonts. Her world is better with an assortment of chocolate and a packed bag ready for travel. She works each day to be a creative maker, storyteller, and dream-chaser.

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