The Best “How To Start Your Morning” Tips

The Best “How To Start Your Morning” Tips

From a young age, I’ve hated mornings. I’m ashamed to say that my younger siblings used to be terrified to have to wake me up in the mornings when we were kids. I was grumpy, irritable, and greeted the new day as if it were the closest thing I had to an enemy.

My college classes were always scheduled for 9:45 a.m. or later, and my job after college was to work evenings and weekends at REI. I didn’t want to wake up. Ever. But then I had kids. They did not get the memo that I like to stay up late and sleep in the mornings. So my habits were forced to shift. Goodbye, long hours of working at night and hello early mornings…

Though I’m still not completely welcoming to the early mornings, I have worked toward making them a bit brighter.

The way we wake up determines the remainder of our days. Waking up in a bad mood or most commonly known as “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” can have a negative impact. While we can’t predict how our days are going to turn out, what we can do is ensure that we start the day off right — happy and fulfilled.

This got me thinking about all of the different things you can do in the morning to enjoy the rest of your day.

Here are 5 tips:

1. Stretching

It’s natural to wake from a good night’s sleep and feel a little achy and sluggish. Which is why not doing anything about those feelings can mean they linger on throughout the day — impacting your energy or productivity levels. Stretching is a great way to get the blood pumping around your body. It helps to loosen the muscles and allows you to feel much more awake. 

2. Drinking water

Though tea and coffee are the typical “go-to’s,” water is one of the first things you should consume in the morning. If you combine the water with slices of lemon or essential oils, it will taste even better. Water is a natural detox that will enable you to flush out your body of any bad toxins, making sure that you feel good from the inside out.

3. Enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee

Many people (myself included) would agree, that they can’t function properly without a warm drink to welcome the new day. A lot of people want only the best gourmet coffee, but since I‘m not a coffee drinker, I fill my favorite mug with chai tea! 

4. Exercise

Exercise is probably last on my list of morning to-do’s, but it’s a great way to wake up your mind and body while ensuring that you get a daily dose of cardio. Some people like to put on their jogging gear and head out for a run, while others may choose to do a quick twenty-minute workout from a DVD or YouTube video. Xfit Daily has been my go-to exercise because it’s quick, easy, and I’ve seen results firsthand!

5. Meditation

Finally, many people start off their day by meditating. A lot of people would associate this practice as part of an evening routine because it relaxes the mind, but it can also be a great exercise to do in the morning. It allows you to focus your mind and prioritize your day — making it far more productive. If you are unsure of how to start with meditating you will be pleased to know there are many guides online.

Don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to tackle this entire list at once! Pick a few things to try and watch your mornings take a positive turn!

So, all that is left to ask is: how do YOU start your day?


For a productive morning, check out the tips I gave over on The Daily Positive!



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