The Story Of A Failed Resolution

The Story Of A Failed Resolution

My dear friend Katrina Sheaffer wrote a story about when her New Year’s resolution failed. I love her humorous storytelling, and I know you will too! For more from Katrina, visit her blog site here.


Resolution. Schmesolution.

After the champagne flutes are raised as the clock strikes midnight, the clock seemingly strikes far too early at 8:30 a.m. the following day. If you’re honest, you wake up with a guilty conscious telling you to get a jump start on whatever New Year’s resolution you selected the night before and promised yourself you should at least strive to meet during the months of January and February.

My husband and I, like many others, set the resolution of increasing our weekly workouts. (By increasing, I mean moving from zero times/week to at least 2-3 times/week). We also resolved to spend fewer nights mindlessly parked in front of the television. Therefore, it’s ironic that we found out about Planet Fitness’ January deal via a commercial played most likely amidst an episode of “This is Us.”

On January 9th,  (yes, we were a week behind…), I put my best, running shoed foot forward. We headed to our local Planet Fitness, spoke and toured the facilities with one of their employees, and were eager to sign the paperwork for $1 down and $19.99/month. BUT THEN, fate stepped in. To sign up, we had to provide our bank account and routing numbers… neither of which we had in our possession or knowledge. The employee offered us a complimentary workout for the evening and suggested signing up online that night when the necessary information was on hand. Done! Plus, a “free” work out? Even better! We were feeling pretty swell… or should I say swoll… about our new gym membership. We grabbed our water bottles and were off to secure a treadmill.

Oh wait, there weren’t any currently available… Oh wait, there was one that just became available! (I walked towards the treadmill and was about to step onto it) Oh wait, a man just ran out of the bathroom and straight onto my chosen treadmill… And yet gain, there weren’t any available.

This cat and mouse game continued between me and the various exercise equipment for too long; somehow another cat always beat me to the mouse. My husband and I met up, both looking far more defeated and overwhelmed than we had five minutes ago, and agreed we just needed to go home.

We never did sign up online, we never did go back, and we never did workout since that clock struck midnight on that fateful eve.

It looks like 2017 is more swell than swoll thus far.

Is your 2017 more swell than swoll? Maybe it’s more swoll than swell. Either way, remember that there are plenty more days in the year to accomplish those resolutions, to make the changes that are worth making, and to take those steps you might not have taken otherwise. Also, don’t forget to smile and laugh at your failures. Planet Fitness, you sure gave us a good laugh, and that counts as an abdominal workout, right?

Tell us in the comments about YOUR failed resolutions so we can give ourselves the closest thing to an abdominal workout we may have this year!

Katrina Sheaffer

Katrina is a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a friend. By profession, she is a speech-language pathologist. She is continually bitten by the travel bug and has a passion and curiosity for life and all it has to offer. Max Lucado once penned what is now her mantra: "Everything will work out in the end. If it's not working out, it's not the end." To read more from

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