Tips For Practicing Gratitude

Tips For Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude is something that should come naturally to most of us. We wake up daily and don’t have to think very hard about the basics we need to survive. We have food, water, shelter, community, and an abundance of our wants satisfied as well. So why is it so hard to remember to be thankful?

I don’t know about you guys, but I have to consciously think about gratitude. Entitlement can be dangerous. It’s almost like we expect to be blessed. I spend a lot of time praying but very little time sincerely “thanking” when my prayers are answered. It is easier to express thankfulness when it is something big, but it is harder to praise God for our everyday blessings.

During this season. it gets a little easier. I see so much beauty around us. It reminds me of the one who created this beauty and the gifts He offers us through glimpses of His creation. I see families spending more time together making memories. And I learn to be intentional about responding in gratitude.

One of the places that I practice being thankful is on our front porch. From there, we have a view of our neighborhood surrounded by beautiful trees, wildlife, and our kids running around exploring. It is a scene that reminds my heart of the blessings in my everyday life.

I want to challenge you to reflect on your blessings each day. Find your sacred place that fosters gratitude. Think about it, experience it, and express it.

What are some ways you can develop a thankful heart toward the “little things?”

Here are some verses to help get you in the right mindset before practicing gratitude:

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