A Summer Adventure with Schoola

A Summer Adventure with Schoola

I often write about exploration. This weekend, the hubby, kids, and I loaded ourselves into the car to explore our city and all it has to offer! We began at the farmers market to get our hands on some locally grown, vibrantly colored produce. We did snag a donut or two as well and decided to walk them off on the trail that runs behind the market. Along our walk, my husband and I stood back and watched how our children took in the people around them and made their own entertainment climbing up statues and running through the gardens. They were uninhibited and free enjoying the present moment of a beautiful day. My husband enjoyed photographing the memories we were making embracing the areas of our city that so often go unappreciated.

Later that afternoon, we had a guest join us! A friend of mine who I met when I studied abroad in Australia came to visit Indianapolis while she was on a road trip across the United States. We were so happy to be able to share our city with her as well! She is someone who is always up for an adventure and makes the simple moments feel like a joyful celebration. We decided to bike along the canal in downtown Indianapolis stopping several times to enjoy the view. Seeing Indianapolis through her point of view made me appreciate staycations. We are often on the road traveling to new destinations whenever we are given the chance. But there was so much beauty in a local adventure of farmer’s markets and canal bike rides. We made memories we can do again and again in our own backyard.

The two beautiful dresses pictured below and the outfits Liam (my son) is wearing are from Schoola, an online thrift store that sells clothing to benefit schools in the U.S. and the Malala Fund internationally. The Malala Fund empowers girls through education! 40% of proceeds from purchases goes to benefit children’s education around the world. To donate on behalf of the Malala fund, you can request a Malala bag so you can send clothing to Schoola. The shipping for these bags is covered. Once received, toss in your gently used clothing and send back! It’s a simple way to empower and educate. While you’re at it, purchase a few clothing items for your own summer adventures! 



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2 thoughts on “A Summer Adventure with Schoola”

  • This happens to me too. Sometimes when we live in a certain city for quiet long time, we thought we know everything it has to offer. So we go to another places, cities and countries to satisfy our wanderlust. Only when we actually take time and appreciate simple moments that we realized adventure is everywhere -literally 😉

    Great photos and your kids are adorable 🙂

    • Yes! Isn’t it crazy that the last place we look for adventure is in our own city? Thanks for reading, and glad you enjoyed the pictures! 🙂

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