Why You Should Make Time For Laughter

Why You Should Make Time For Laughter

My son emits joy everywhere he goes. He is often referred to as “the little old man” because of his mature and carefree demeanor at just two years old. (It doesn’t hurt that his wardrobe consists of sweaters and corduroys). But the biggest thing that sets my son apart is that his goal each day is to make those around him laugh, and he’s great at it!

Sure, every kid is funny, but most are not intentional and have no idea the things they do or say makes us laugh on the inside. No, Liam is different. His comedic facial expressions and dramatic hand gestures are all a ploy to give everyone in the room amusement.

The other night as I was laying in his bed with him about to say our prayers, I had just closed my eyes and felt a tickle on my nose followed by a little giggle. My eyes shot open, and I saw my goofy-grinned boy was holding one of his troll dolls and using its hair to tickle my face to break up our serious moment. He laughed and laughed!

When guests were over last week, he ran up to each person and gave them a unique performance based on what he observed he or she would think was funny. He was spouting off quotes from his favorite movies, singing silly songs, and acting out one of his favorite books: “No, David, No!”  with lots of enthusiasm! There were somersaults across the room, jumping out as a “scary monster,” and even a few tickle fights planned for the unsuspecting introverts.

As I was writing this post, my friend posted a picture of my crazy boy at her husband’s birthday party, and sure enough, he had his finger up his nose while looking right at the camera! Not surprised, Liam. Not. surprised.

In any given situation, he finds the laughter. And, if it can’t be found, he makes some of his own! It would be easy to take advantage of my built-in entertainment, but I’ve learned to not “get used” to his jokes or stifle his joy when the setting isn’t entirely welcoming of it. His joy should only be embraced and shared.

The world needs more laughter! My son’s amusement is contagious and has me searching for more. Lately, I find myself looking through websites for funny videos, pictures, or stories. For my birthday this past week, my husband and I went out for a bite to eat. Though it was nice to have an uninterrupted conversation, we both ended up sharing with each other some funny content we had found online earlier that week. We sat across from each other and laughed until we cried while the rest of the restaurant looked at us with curiosity. “What could possibly be that funny?” (Well, if you’re curious too, >>here<< is what was funny)! But my point is that my son has it right.

There is so much joy all around us. We don’t even have to look for it because we are creative enough to make our own! So on those days when you want to crawl back into bed and start over, search for those funny videos. Call that friend who makes you laugh with ease. Or do something funny that’s completely out of your comfort zone! If anything, you’ll feel a little lighter. And that’s reason enough.


Amanda is a wife, mother, writer/editor, and certified life coach. Pen and paper make her spirit come alive. She spends her creative time reading, decorating, and handwriting fonts. Her world is better with an assortment of chocolate and a packed bag ready for travel. She works each day to be a creative maker, storyteller, and dream-chaser.

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