Labels have taken over how we identify the people around us. We replace names and stories with easy words that describe people through our own chosen trademarks, sometimes even without any reflection of truth. Lately, I have struggled with my own identity because of given labels. I realized that my labels don’t tell the whole story and are sometimes associated with negative overtones.

small-town girl, Leadership major, freelance writer, life coach, stay-at-home mom

Each one of my personal “labels” have parts that are misunderstood. They don’t tell the full story and, therefore, allow me to be easily dismissed or judged.

We all have been given labels. Some we have formed ourselves and some by others. Some we like and some we wish could be better explained over a warm cup of tea and an embracing conversation.

Below are some labels that tell my story better:

rooted, servant-leader, teacher, expressor, empowerer, nurturer

There is always more to the story. My daughter isn’t just shy, she is a curious observer. The man sitting next to me at the restaurant isn’t simply impatient, he may value productivity. The kid at school who fails most of his tests isn’t stupid, his way of learning may be more creative and doesn’t fit into any particular mold. When a man comes home from work and wants to relax, he isn’t lazy, he may be an absorber, reflector, and thinker. I could go on…

What labels have you been given? What words would you replace those labels with?

You have the power to be who you are and share that story! Labels don’t define; your story has more to tell.


Amanda is a wife, mother, writer/editor, and certified life coach. Pen and paper make her spirit come alive. She spends her creative time reading, decorating, and handwriting fonts. Her world is better with an assortment of chocolate and a packed bag ready for travel. She works each day to be a creative maker, storyteller, and dream-chaser.

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