Early Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Early Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re anything like I usually am at this time of the year, you probably think Father’s Day is still a long way away because Mother’s Day is just around the corner. However, with some intentional preparation, the men in my life will get the gifts that they deserve this Father’s Day. I’m embracing early planning, and you should too!

Whether buying for your own dad or the father of your children, the funny card, socks, and tie simply won’t suffice this year. Let’s face it; he probably isn’t expecting a meaningful gift, so surprise him with the thought and effort he deserves!

When choosing just the right gift, keep in mind his “likes” and “dislikes.” For example, don’t buy the same thing for your husband and father, unless they’re like mine and have the same interests! And don’t pick up the first “manly” thing you see in the store if it isn’t something he will use or love!

Okay, now for the list of ideas:

1. Sports Tickets

Most men have a favorite sports team, and their love for the team never dies. Even if your interest is ordinarily non-existent, this Father’s Day is the time to put him first.

Buying tickets online doesn’t only give him a sporting event to look forward to. It’s also a chance for family bonding. Whether it’s just the two of you or a bigger group, a day of intense fun is assured — even if you aren’t that interested in the event itself.

2. A Personal CD Or Vinyl

Back in the day, your old man may have fancied himself as the next Mick Jagger. While he didn’t quite make it as a professional, that love of playing in a band was a major part of his life. Unfortunately, the death of tape decks means that his old recordings have been collecting dust for years. But those days are about to end.

Modern tech makes it very easy to transfer those tapes to digital files. Meanwhile, experts at Nationwide Disc can turn those recordings into CDs or vinyl. Show your father that he is still a rock star to you, and it’s something that he’ll treasure forever.

3. An iPad

For men of a certain age and mindset, learning to use a computer simply isn’t on the agenda. However, they’re missing out on lots of great apps such as Amazon Instant VideoSkype, Spotify, and a host of others. An iPad satisfies those needs without the hassle of understanding difficult processes.

The touchscreen is far more user-friendly than computers. Install the essential Apps so that they can browse the net, play games, and connect with family. You already know that it can transform their life. Drag them into 2017, and they’ll thank you in the long run.

4. Adopt A Pet

As you’ve probably read in a recent post, my parents weren’t a big fan of having pets growing up, and I doubt I’m alone there. After all, looking after dogs is a big commitment when you have a career and financial obligations. But if your dad happens to be retired, he has a little more time on his hands. This may be the perfect time to buy him a dog! Check with him first, of course, and let him be a part of picking out his new best friend!

Not only does a pet offer great company, but it provides an excuse for getting more exercise and leading a healthy and happy life. Or if a dog is too much of a hassle, a cat is the purrrfect alternative. See what I did there? *wink*

Here are a few more Father’s Day gift ideas:

For the techie: Amazon Echo

For the “wanna-be” pilot: Drone with camera and live video

For the traveler: stylish weekender travel backpack

For the grill master: BBQ grills tool set

Tell us in the comments about the best Father’s Day gift you have given!

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