Armed With Truth: Encouragement Through Temporary Tattoos

Armed With Truth: Encouragement Through Temporary Tattoos

Outside of people, there are fewer things I love more than words. If the human soul could be fed by way of written expression, my soul would be in full bloom — awake and alive.

Recently I was introduced to the company Armed With Truth. It’s not often I find a company that connects so well to the mission of Downs Ups & Teacups. They encourage truth found in scripture through the wearing of temporary tattoos.

My body has been carefully imprinted with three real tattoos — all deeply meaningful to me. But if I wore every empowering phrase on my skin, I’d look like a black and white typescript, and the message of each one would become blurred. This is why I love the option of temporary Armed With Truth tattoos.

Designers, illustrators, and letterers came together to create the perfect designer tattoos and scripture packs with the messages that Christ wants our hearts to learn.

I’m able to place these messages onto my body in a nonpermanent way according to what I need to remind myself at the time. For example, my anxiety has been running rampant lately, and my response is often to distract or disengage. So the relevant message from Armed With Truth that I chose to place on my body was the phrase “Be Still.”

This reminder connected deeply in the current moment. But later, another message may be needed. Messages like: “Seek First,” “Faith Not Fear,” “Bind My Wandering Heart,” “Grace,” and more!

Maybe you’re really connecting with a verse in your Bible study that you want a large group to memorize. Well, Armed With Truth has also created a customized tattoo option. Just leave the verse and version in the comments during checkout, approve the proof they send in 48 hours, and then wait three weeks for delivery of your group’s custom tattoos!

For those of you reading this who want to try this out for yourself, use the code downsups for 20% off your purchase!

Tell me in the comments what you think about Armed With Truth and don’t forget to check them out for yourself!

Oh, and enter the GIVEAWAY below 🙂

I’m so excited for you to join me as we arm ourselves in truth, feel empowered, and inspire others through the written Word of God.


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