The Best Mindfulness Hobbies To Bring You Peace

The Best Mindfulness Hobbies To Bring You Peace

When you’re dealing with stress, one of the worst things you can do is just let your mind keep running and occupy itself. Often, a hobby can be used as a distraction, but it can also encourage you to practice mindfulness. There are a few hobbies that can help you find peace.

Here are a few examples:

1. Meditate

Meditation is a common form of self-care. It can help you not only relax but become mindful of your own reactions to better deal with personal difficulties. Nowadays, apps like Headspace are making it even easier for anyone to practice meditation. Yoga is my personal favorite form of meditation — not just because it is beneficial for muscle strength, balance, and range of motion, but it’s often used as the physical component to introduce people to meditation too.

Do you have a wandering mind like me and are a meditation beginner? has provided an awesome meditation guide and challenge that really helped me!



2. Travel

Finding the center within yourself is all well and good, but you don’t have to sit in one place to do it. It’s becoming easier to travel with a low budget so you should take the opportunity from time to time. A little distance from your problems can help you approach them with a new perspective! You don’t have to go far to travel. Be a tourist in your own town and just open your eyes to things you may have ignored in the past. Turn off your cell phone, leave distractions behind, and go exploring!


3. Arrange Flowers

There’s something intrinsically calming about being surrounded by nature. Hiking is a common way to enjoy the outdoors, but getting your hands dirty, having some control over nature, and making it your own can be an even better way to combat stress. Gardening is one option, but taking flower arranging and bouquet creating workshops from places like Camelback Flowershop is another great mindfulness hobby. Flowers help us lower stress and giving a bloom or two to the people we care about makes us feel more connected to one another.

My sister is a florist, and it feels so good to call her up and have her create an arrangement for the people I love that uniquely fits them as individuals — wildflowers for my youngest sister, succulents for my dad, and vibrant blooms for my best friend!

Though I love giving gifts of nature, don’t forget to create an arrangement that honors YOU. Take all the chaos floating around in your head and be mindful about choosing each flower type, color, and shape that can symbolically represent exactly where you are in life and what you’re going through. You can go as surface level or as deep as you want while arranging flowers.

A book for the indoor gardener:

A book for the wannabe florist:


Here are a few flower shops and online resources that allow you to have an active role in the floral arrangement process:

Alice’s Table

Skill Share Floral Design

The Jefferson House of Flowers (For my local Indiana peeps)

4. Journal

As a writer, I couldn’t forget to include writing as a mindfulness activity! Maybe gratitude journaling is your thing. Or maybe you still enjoy the “dear diary” way. Whatever method works for you, allow your journal to be a place of authenticity — where you pour out your emotions with no response of judgment. It’s a freeing and safe place.

Personally, I’ve taken to bullet journaling. Want to try it? Below is what you need!

























To get you started journaling, print off this free bullet journal prompt printable from

So, I’ve told you a few of my favorite mindfulness hobbies. What are YOURS? Tell me in the comments!


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