Adoption Fundraising Update: The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Adoption Fundraising Update: The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I’ve been awake since 4 a.m. fighting what I felt in my gut I needed to write. So, of course, instead of just following my intuition, I gave God until 5 a.m. and said, “If I don’t fall back asleep by 5, I’ll write it.”

It was a long hour, and here I am, ready to spill my guts — raw, afraid, and yet at peace.

In December, the Holy Spirit took both my husband’s and my heart in His hands and plunged deeply into them a desire and urge to move forward with another adoption. From the beginning, we knew this was going to be different than the first time around. Our first adoption process was smooth up until travel (then it was another story), but we were introduced to our daughter through a picture within a month of beginning the process to adopt. God’s provision to get her into our arms so quickly made the actual waiting-process fairly easy compared to most.

Fast forward to adoption process number two, and it’s been a roller coaster ride. Calls for kids who needed homes only to find out that wasn’t the plan and the direction of our journey shifts. Two kids. One kid. Back to two. Congo. Sierra Leone, Chicago, Texas. Age range from 3 months all the way to 7 years. We have been ALL over the place since December.

But when we allowed ourselves to step back and we focused in on what seemed like a rabbit trail road map, we began to see how God was prepping our hearts for the grand finale with each and every step. Without the phone calls, “Will you say yes?” Our hearts wouldn’t have been open or led in the direction they ended up going. Each step chipped away at our faith and heightened our desire. We told God from the beginning we would say “yes” to what He gave and let Him be the one to shut the doors. In His power and wisdom, He has done just that.

Two kids from Texas — ages 4 and 7 — that’s the path we are on right now. Nothing is final until it’s final, but this is a part of our journey either way, and, if it does come to pass, we need the support. We know we can’t receive the help we need if we keep hiding our news from the world afraid of what it will feel like to admit that God may shut yet another door.

So right now, I come to you all in faith that this is what I need to do at this moment, and what happens after will be okay either way.

We are in need of financial support and prayer. You see, that first part is what kept me in bed for that hour not wanting to write this. We have been doing fundraisers where we GIVE something of value to RECEIVE financial support. But now that we are at a point in our adoption where we could be traveling any day to bring these children home, we need to just ask. 

God is a provider! He is so so good! Minutes after we received the news that it was most likely going to work out for us to welcome these kids into our lives, a sweet woman appeared on our doorstep to give us a very generous — no strings attached — donation toward our adoption. And that’s why I’m writing to you. Because God DOES provide, but it’s my job to ask.

God called us to this adoption at a time in our lives where we were finally financially comfortable. We had an emergency fund and were making enough money each month to have a little left over to save or invest. And right when we were at peace with our finances, God asked us to kneel before Him with open palms, drain what felt like security, and trust Him.

So, hesitantly, we did.

And each step of the way God has provided. For example, since our adoption will now be taking place domestically, we have to change our home study paperwork from international to domestic. The day I reached out to check on costs to make those changes, I was hired for a writing job that was going to pay me the EXACT amount needed to change our paperwork. God is good.

But now there’s a chance we will owe the rest of our fees rather quickly, and we want our focus to be on these kids and not on the growing dollar signs of debt.

So we ask. Humbly.

Will you pray about whether or not God wants you to give? We have watched friends of ours be moved by the spirit to give the exact amounts we needed at each step, so we have full confidence, with prayer, God will lead you to where He has called you as well.

And maybe that’s just to be a prayer warrior. I say “just” not because it lacks importance, but because sometimes people think it does. But your prayers are VALUABLE and NEEDED. Pray for the hearts of these kids as they are likely going to be making a life-changing transition soon. Pray for the hearts of E and L as they have been told about us growing our family but won’t fully grasp what that looks like until it happens. And it will be hard.

And pray for David and me to trust the path we are walking — to trust that if this falls through, it wasn’t a failure but instead put us in the right direction towards God’s plan for our family.

We thank you for being on this journey with us. And wish we could better express and put into words the gratitude we feel in our hearts for all of you! Also, we can’t wait to give more detail one day about how God orchestrated this series of events. He reveals to us with each adoption how much He cares for His children.

Here is the information about how you can support us, and we hope to have more to share with you soon!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Trusting and waiting,

The Fousts



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