The Writers

Writers are those who express themselves best through the written word. They carefully choose words and use them to display their truth. Writers access parts of themselves that would otherwise stay hidden and build their world's with words.

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Jenn Baxter

Jenn is a freelance writer and blogger based out of Charlotte, NC. When she lost her mom (who was also her best friend) in 2013, it changed the course of her life.

"I decided I wanted to make more of my life for both her and me, so I 'cleaned up' my home, my body, and my life, and now I inspire others to do the same!"

She is passionate about tiny living, minimalism, clean eating, and emotional health.

"Life is too short to be caught up in material things and to let fear keep you from achieving your dreams!"

Jenn has recently recaptured the dreamer within. She has moved beyond the traditional American dream and now focuses on her life's purpose and what she can accomplish for the greater good. She likes to think outside the box to create a unique life that honors what she was made to do.

She dreams of living in another tiny house or an RV so she can travel as often as possible, while continuing to blog and write full-time. And she hopes to publish books along the way. Saving as many dogs as she can and traveling on a mission trip to Africa are on her list of dreams.

"A dreamer is a creative person who is not held back by the views of the world.  Someone who lives outside of the norm, takes chances, and doesn’t let fear or “impossibility” stop them from reaching for the stars!”

Advice for dreamers: "For anyone who is hesitant to let themselves dream, my best advice is to stop worrying and just do it!  Honestly, life is too short not to, and you truly never know how much time you have left.  So stop waiting... dream big and live big NOW while you have the chance! "

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Lisa Leshaw

Lisa is a New Yorker who has been married for 37 years and has six fabulous grandkids. She is a mental health professional who specializes in addictions, adolescence, and women’s issues and conducts parenting skills workshops and empowerment circles for women throughout New York. 

“A dreamer is someone who sets [her] sights on a goal and despite all obvious obstacles and naysayers around her moves forward with determination, dignity, and faith no matter how long it takes to achieve.”

Although many people become more realistic through the years, Lisa has become more idealistic dreaming more quirky and “unattainable” goals so she can challenge herself and see where she lands. 

“I think without dreams we die a little inside each day and with dreams, we have hope and desire. I want to be known as living with hope and desire!”

Lisa has removed any emotional barriers that bound her from dreaming. She now dreams of watching her grandchildren grow into incredible adults while she grows old alongside her husband living in a log cabin built in the mountains. She hopes to publish her book ‘A Royal Mistake.’ And she wants to be around to see the world become a more forgiving and kinder place.

Advice for dreamers: "Never give up. Never put [dreams] on hold for long. Never listen to those who say [your dreams are] impossible. Never doubt your ability to achieve!!"  

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Amy Ledyard

Amy is a wife of 4.5 years to her husband Kyle and a mama to two littles—one beautiful, sweet girl and a baby expected to arrive soon! Before babies, she was a nurse, but she now is a freelance writer who blogs and writes in her spare time between her stay-at-home mama duties. Her next step is to become a freelance photographer, specifically focused on food photography. When she’s not making memories with her family, you can find her traveling, cooking, camping, swimming, or enjoying the outdoors.
“I read once that, if you don’t know your calling in life, then your best bet is to find what makes you come alive because what the world needs is people who have come alive. I think a dreamer is anyone who dares to do that, even if what makes them come alive seems small, crazy, too hard, or any other excuse one could come up with.”
Amy has had to fight to maintain her “dreamer” self. She went to nursing school because it was the practical, safe, family-approved option, but becoming a writer had continued to knock on the door of her heart eager to be welcomed with a cup of a tea and an offer to stay awhile. She has since given that invitation to her writing self and has watched her blog grow and expand in ways she had never imagined. She hopes to eventually use it as a forum for encouraging mothers all over the world!
“Now Husband and I dream about the places we can take this little blog, the things we can do with it, the ways we can grow it, and how we can use it to encourage people.”
 In addition to the dreams she has for her blog, Amy wants to move overseas with her family to do long-term missions. She hopes to travel all over the world with her husband and children to give them the gift of experiences and memories.
“I dream of having a big family. I dream of growing my blog, developing products, and becoming a good photographer. I dream of being location independent. I dream of actually painting my house and making it beautiful and about a million other things.”
 Advice for dreamers: “My grandma always told me to keep dreaming and to dream big; she said that dreams only come true if you dream them. I would add to that to not allow fear or practicality to keep you from chasing those dreams.”

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Lindsay Swoboda

Lindsay Swoboda is a wife, mama to a toddler little girl, and writer currently residing in Hawaii. She is married to an active duty Marine and is often teetering between a great traveling adventure or gearing up for a stint of time apart from her military husband. Before becoming a stay-at-home mama, Lindsay was a professional dancer and teacher. She now taps into creative work through her blog Uplifting Anchor that encourages mothers and military spouses just like her.

“A dreamer is someone who can look ahead in their life and envision hope, believe in potential, and who works to make the impossible a reality. ”

As an adult, Lindsay realized that she had the power to change the direction of her dreams when they no longer served her or her family. She became flexible with her dreams so that no unsuccessful dream was a failure, but instead, a lesson learned! She works toward making her dreams happen through hard work, dedication, and patience.

“I call myself a dreamer because I am endlessly fascinated by the world around me.  I am, and always will be, one to drift off into daydreams and wonder about life, love, and the greatness of this world. I see life as a gift that I want to fill with precious memories, amazing people, and great experiences.  Dreaming enables me to live fully; intentionally pursuing the choice to be happy and joyful, whatever my circumstances.”

Lindsay dreams of getting out of the military life and owning a piece of land that belongs to her family where they don’t have to keep starting life over and navigate new limitations with each placement. She also dreams of her daughter growing up to be brave, strong, kind, and to become a pursuer of her own dreams.

“For myself, I hope to keep my creative heart beating.  Writing, dancing, crafting — that’s a piece of myself I once tried to leave behind, and I was not me without it.  I dream that my site reaches the right mom or military spouse when she needs it most. I feel I’ve been called to encourage, and I hope to fulfill that.”

Advice for dreamers: “I encourage dreamers to review your dreams, select what is most important, and determine how it will serve you.  Give yourself permission to let a dream go if it no longer fits your life.”

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Jess Meza

Jess is a writer, blogger, and entrepreneur who is obsessed with creativity. Beyond that, she’s a stay at home mommy, a military spouse, and virtual assistant.

“A dreamer is someone who wonders and seeks answers; someone who muses and creates. She anticipates the fear and failure she’ll face in her pursuit of her dreams, yet marches on -- often to the beat of her own drum.”

When she was younger, she dreamed of living a nomadic existence as a photojournalist. As her family grew, her dreams grew. Now she dreams of finding the words to express how incredibly important it is for moms to chase their dreams in front of their children.

“I learned what an extraordinary gift it is to be have the innate urge to define my own limits and carve my own paths. For awhile I was self-conscious of the fact that I don’t think like most people. I had to learn to respect that I’m a creative; I’m a writer; I’m a dreamer. People like us are designed to do things differently. I knew I couldn’t just keep that to myself for fear of offending someone. Especially with my toddlers watching my every move.”

As a mother, she dreams of the places her family will go, the people they’ll meet, and the stories they’ll hear. She hopes that her toddlers grow up chasing their dreams relentlessly because she knows the happiest people are the ones who have allowed passion to overpower fear.

As a creative, her dream is to watch fellow creatives make their wildest dreams come true. Her wildest dream is to host a tiny creative retreat in the countryside, where she and a few other moms can spend an afternoon allowing their imaginations to decide where their creativity would take them next.

“I try to be very intentional with which dreams I chase and when. At times I’ve been paralyzed for months at a time by the fear that I’ll chase a dream before my family is ready for the challenge.”

She wants to encourage and empower more moms to chase their creative dreams unapologetically by sharing more of her personal experience as a mom and creative entrepreneur.

Advice for dreamers: “Even if you’re dreaming for your children, your husband, your mother, your best friend… Even if you’re dreaming how to make the world a better place… Do it for yourself. Do it because you want to; do it because you can.”

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Crystal Santoria

Crystal Santoria is the author of Blood Runs Deep and Up For Air. Her definition of a dreamer is: Someone who dreams with her eyes open.”

She says that the difference between dreaming as a child and dreaming as an adult is that now you have to act on the dreams in order to live them. You have to be the activator who makes your dreams come true!

Crystal dreams of becoming a literary Nobel Peace Prize recipient. She’s working on making that dream a reality by learning the ins and outs of marketing and “never dropping the pen."

Even though it's sometimes easy to doubt herself and the support she will receive as she chases her dreams, she’s still a visionary living out her daydreams each day.

Advice for dreamers: Stay focused and dream with your eyes open.

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Twitter: @phirstpoet

Facebook: TheeCrystalSantoria


Milica Vladova

Milica Vladova is a happy writer, blogger, and an author. She was born in the mystical Thracian land of Bulgaria in a traditional Orthodox Christian family. As a small child, she was a bit different from the other kids in school. She was extremely curious, especially when it came to topics like spirituality and religion.

She attempted to be “normal” by working 9-5 as an accountant but found the experience soul-crushing. Now she’s turned her hobby into her job. She explores the enormous human potential of self-healing, living in harmony with nature, and sharing her knowledge with others.

“A dreamer is a person who works as a driving force for this world’s progress and development. If it wasn’t for people like Tesla, Jules Verne, or da Vinci, now we wouldn’t have our modern lifestyles with air crafts, fast transportation, and communication!”

Milica says that one of the biggest life challenges is to preserve your imagination, creativity, and playfulness throughout the years. As kids we think we are unlimited – we can become whoever and whatever we choose. Unfortunately, in adulthood, that thought is replaced with the belief that we must become more serious and responsible.

“Thankfully, I managed to keep some of my childhood dreams intact – like becoming a teacher. But to be honest, my dreams have become much more practical and believable.”

She calls herself a dreamer because she refuses to fall for the mindset trap of becoming “just an ordinary average Joe”.

“I know we can achieve more; I know we are unlimited beings; I know we can transform the world as we choose it to be. We are not merely small cogs in a large machine and nothing depends on us. We are the whole machine, and we are the whole Universe! I hope Quantum Physics will finally once and for all prove that very soon.”

Her ultimate dream is “to be alive to see one peaceful, clean, and happy Earth full of conscious, healthy, and responsible human beings in harmony with each other and with the Cosmos."

Milica works on her dreams daily by writing books, articles, meditating, and helping others live better lives.

Advice for dreamers: Keep dreaming, keep moving forward, and do not give up! Do not let the naysayers get you down and to dissuade you from pursuing your dreams! As I said earlier – the dreamers are at the heart of our progress – whether it being technological or spiritual.

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Adrian Miller works full time at Woodforest National Bank. She loves reading and daydreaming about things to write -- although they normally don't make it to paper. She finds inspiration for her stories through traveling and exploring new places.

Dreaming hasn’t changed much for Adrian over the years. It’s always been her escape when life gets rough. She calls herself a dreamer because she creates worlds that are unlike her own. When dreaming, the sky is her limit; no one can tell her what to do or how the world should be.

“A dreamer is a person who dreams of things they want to achieve in life or dreams of another realm in which they can control.”

Adrian dreams of becoming a mother and raising her child the way she was raised. Her father, though stern, was her best friend and encouraged her to write.

She also dreams of finishing and publishing a story. Though she dreams of becoming published, she can’t seem to shake writer’s block.

A line has to be drawn between her written world and her reality. Real life requires her to pursue a career in order to afford the trips that give her inspiration. Nonetheless, her plans for making her dreams a reality include beginning to expand her family and commit to finishing a story.

Advice for dreamers: “Dream big and don't let anyone tell you that it's not possible. (Minus sprouting wings and flying because let's face it. I would totally love to figure that out).”