The Visionaries

Visionaries are those who use their unique gifts to create a vision for a better and brighter future. They listen to their intuition and plan long term change. Their minds roar in magnificent ways before anything in their world is affected. They don't have to see physical transformation before they believe and know it is possible.

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Andrea T. Martin

Andrea is a Christ-follower, single mom to two adult daughters, VP/Integration Architect, Professional Speaker, and Coach.  She lives in Delaware where she spends her time baking cakes and pies from scratch and people watching at the beach. 

“It is my mission to help women with a painful past emerge from it and execute their next level of greatness.”


Andrea believes in her dreams and makes it a point to achieve them. To her, dreaming is hearing the whispers of God. Sometimes she wakes up from dreams and writes them down because she has seen them come true.

“A dreamer is someone who is bold enough to envision what seems to be impossible; someone who has ideas or goals that, in reality, might not seem possible, but the dreamer dares to believe anyway.”


Overcoming limitations are important to Andrea as she wants to honor who God created and called her to be. In January of this year, Andrea started her business, Discovering My Wings, LLC, and this has put her one step closer to her end goal:

“I have a dream of helping 10,000 women emerge from a painful past of guilt, shame, and hurt and carry out their dreams, their goals, and their destiny!”


Advice for dreamers: "Dare to dream and dream big! Everything that you need to accomplish your dreams is already within you.  You just need to recognize it, accept it, and unleash it! Remember that you were designed to be a beautiful butterfly - utilize all of the gifts and talents that God has instilled within you, spread your wings and soar into your destiny!"


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Carrie Barryhill

Carrie is a wife, mama to two little love bugs (Brandon 3 and Margot 6 months). She loves reading books and magazines, watching reality television, and is a dedicated Colts fan. She grew up dreaming about her future and now enjoys dreaming about ways to improve herself in the present.

“[Dreamers] to me are people always looking to better themselves and their lives. I think of dreaming as [keeping] a positive outlook.”

Although dreaming comes naturally, Carrie is still navigating how to bring her ideas to fruition and learn to view herself as a creative person. She doesn’t want her dreams to stay dreams; she wants to accomplish them!

“I dream a lot about ways to improve my kids' lives. I dream about what fun, inspiring, and creative things I can do with them and for them.”

In addition to browsing Pinterest regularly for fun ideas to do with her kids, Carrie has been bravely kicking breast cancer’s butt. She hasn’t let this unexpected and challenging obstacle keep her from continuing to dream and create new things alongside her husband and children. Although breast cancer is a health limitation, it has not limited her desire to enrich the lives of her family.

“I want to make it a point to take time out of every weekend to spend with my kids doing something different that enriches their lives.” 

Advice for dreamers: "Don't let [your] lack of ability stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Also, when you fulfill one dream, create a new one! Don't stay stagnant."

Kaitlyn Mundell

Kaitlyn grew up in a small, Midwestern town but was made for big things. Kaitlyn is married to her husband Kyle, and both share a dedicated love for their family and friends. She works for a healthcare consulting company and currently lives in another small, Indiana town. She loves using her gifts to help people within the healthcare field. When she’s not working, traveling, or spending time with her family, you can find her in the evenings playing club volleyball, watching HGTV’s Fixer Upper, or munching on anything pumpkin flavored with a glass of wine in hand.

“A dreamer allows oneself to imagine all possibilities for the future, to leap for what seems to be unattainable, to be brave in the face of the unknown, and to find purpose through the adventure.”

Some may call Kaitlyn a "planner," and she graciously accepts that title, but I like to think of her as a dreamer. She used to dream about college, career, and marriage, but now she dreams of raising a family and going on travel adventures alongside her husband. She also hopes to shape and mold her future children into becoming the best versions of themselves.

“I dream about my career as a whole: how I can be influential as a woman in a leadership position and be a voice for equality in the workforce. I dream about the potential good I can provide to my community and this world in such a crazy time as now, and how I can lend my talents to work with my local healthcare system or travel to other countries to provide help where needed.”

Like all of us do, sometimes Kaitlyn struggles with allowing limitations to hold her back from pursuing her dreams. It's sometimes difficult to speak out about equality in the workplace for fear of her male coworkers' opinions. She also lets the contents of her savings account stifle her plans for traveling, and when it comes to her future family, she fears criticism about how she will raise them.

“But these limitations are only there if I allow them to be. As a dreamer – I have begun to focus more on being brave in the unknown and finding purpose through the adventure. I am here to serve God’s purpose and cannot be limited in my pursuit to achieve my goals. [I want to choose] to mentor that young college student unsure of what to do with her life and how to manage a role dominated by males. [I want to choose] to travel as often as possible and make many memories with my husband, and to become the best mom I can be.”

Advice for dreamers: “God has a purpose for every single one of us – dream big and allow [your dreams] to shine through you! Continue being the best version of yourself (even amongst the criticism), and leap with faith toward your goals. While the adventure toward these dreams could seem long and wavering - you ARE brave, and you CAN achieve!”


Amanda Degler

Amanda is a mama of two kiddos: a three-year-old daughter, who was adopted from Thailand, and a 10-month old biological son. Along with her husband and kids, Amanda is a missionary in Bangkok, Thailand. They founded a campus ministry called HighRise Ministries. “HighRise Ministries has a focus on major, unreached cities of the world, HighRise works to strategically embed itself in the local cultures with the intent of proactively seeking opportunities for evangelism, discipleship, and mobilization.”

In addition to leading a ministry, Amanda is a dreamer.

“I would say that a dreamer is someone who looks to the future with hope and works hard to reach their goals.”

As a child, Amanda saw dreaming as hoping only, but now she has been able to see that dreaming also requires some action as well.  Along with this, she now sees that many of the things that she used to dream throughout her life are all things that God put on her heart. Therefore, they are not just her own absent thoughts, but rather deep longings that she was purposefully created to fulfill.

“I would categorize myself as a dreamer, because I have big hopes and dreams for myself, my family, and my ministry, and I have allowed myself to hear God's dreams for me and my life.”

Amanda has many dreams. She wishes for all Thai people to have the opportunity to hear about Christ’s love for them and for HighRise Ministries to spread to more places of the world that have yet to accept Christ. She also dreams of her kids growing to love Jesus. She doesn’t want them to miss out on His unending mercy and all-surpassing love He so freely gives.

“I guess in the end, that's how I feel about everyone who has never heard of Christ and why I will continue to dream and spend my life to share Him with those who haven't heard.”

Although a dreamer, she sometimes feels limited by fear. She hopes to overcome that fear and confidently speak boldly and fearlessly to those who want to learn more about the gospel of Jesus.

Advice for dreamers:“My advice is to take small steps each day to make your dreams become reality. You have the ability to make [your dreams] happen!”

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Katie De Jong

Katie is an ex-scientist, engineer, and corporate ladder-climber turned into Mumpreneur who has two little boys and founded Whispering Heart Coaching. She left her job of 15 years due to a nagging and empty feeling telling her there was something else she needed to do with her life. She moved to Paris for her husband’s job and became a certified life coach helping others to find their authentic and fulfilling life path. She also enjoys swimming in the ocean, doing yoga, and hiking in nature. Her husband, boys, and close friends make her laugh and nourish her soul.

I define a dreamer as someone who dreams of a better future, someone who sees how things could/should be better in the world and who takes active steps towards that vision on a consistent and dedicated basis. They don’t just complain about the status quo but rather develop a vision for how it could be and work with devotion towards that vision.

She’s always wanted to do something to help make the world a better place. When she was 17-years-old, she stood on the banks of a polluted river in Paraguay, South America as an exchange student looking at people swimming and bathing directly downstream of a cement factory that was discharging wastewater right into the river. This led her into a career of environmental engineering and water management for almost 15 years.

As she grew older, she realized she wasn’t bringing her full self into the workplace. She decided to take a stand and let go of expectations, the need for approval, and validation. She aimed to live life on her own terms.

“I still dream, but now it’s about how I can make the world a better place and serve people with my specific gifts and talents in a way that feels deeply fulfilling and meaningful. When I’m doing work I love and feel inspired and connected to my heart, inspiration flows directly and effortlessly to the people I’m working with. I dream constantly that one day we’ll respect each and every individual’s right to be themselves, to make their own decisions and to live in line with their own values and heart’s desires.”

Katie believes in diversity and deep appreciation of the unique gifts and perspective that each person brings to the world. She believes that peace in the world begins with cultivating peace within ourselves, which means first accepting ourselves fully and then extending that pure acceptance out to everything and everyone around us.

She hopes to launch a series of online programs that helps people tune into their hearts and design their lives in a way that helps them find their calling and path to fully express their gifts while doing work they love, thriving financially, and serving a cause they deeply care about. She hopes to write a book as a way to inspire other women to take a stand and follow their dreams and eventually set up a “Joyful Career Academy” that takes high school children through a process to find a career direction that is meaningful and authentic to them.

Advice for dreamers: “Find a vision that excites and inspires you and commit to it. Let the passion for that vision sustain you through ups and downs and all difficulties. Never give up. Consistent, persistent action will lead you to where you need to go and allow you to live a deeply fulfilling and meaningful life. The world needs you and your dreams – keep dreaming! And remember –

‘If people aren’t laughing at your dreams – your dreams aren’t big enough”’

– Grayson Marshall

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