Featured Dreamers

The phrase "Follow your dreams" is a cliche that is often met with practical or realistic responses that hold us back.

The minute we contemplate following our dreams, we begin to self-sabotage and think of a million ways we could fail or end up disappointed.

But what if we pushed aside our fears and gave our dreams space and time to be explored?

Here at Downs Ups & Teacups, we want to be a place that empowers you to dream. We do this through sharing stories, creating self-discovery resources through The Dreamer's Nest, and now it's time to hear from YOU!

The Featured Dreamers section of this blog allows dreamers, just like you, to share their thoughts on dreaming as well as put a name to their dreams.

Together, as a community, we are giving dreamers a voice and space to explore dreaming. Dreamers are creative makers, visionaries, writers, artists, educators, and more! Find the group you relate to the best, and connect with each other. You need people in your circle who "get" you and can champion you along your journey.

If you want to use your story to inspire others, join the Featured Dreamers by messaging me at amanda@downsupsteacups.com for more information!

Creative makers are those who create more than they consume. They are lifelong learners who use their hands to make what their heads think and their hearts feel. Their entire life is one long, creative process expressed in a variety of ways.

Visionaries are those who use their unique gifts to create a vision for a better and brighter future. They listen to their intuition and plan long term change. Their minds roar in magnificent ways before anything in their world is affected. They don't have to see physical transformation before they believe and know it is possible.

Writers are those who express themselves best through the written word. They carefully choose words and use them to display their truth. Writers access parts of themselves that would otherwise stay hidden and build their world's with words.

Educators are lifelong learners and teachers who inspire generations, encourage curiosity, and awaken minds to new and old ideas. They are laboring difference makers and instill values in the minds of those seeking knowledge.

Artists are creative explorers. Some use paints, others play an instrument, but all bring forms of their imagination to light through whatever medium they choose. Art is an awakened cultivation of beauty.