The Creative Makers

Creative makers are those who create more than they consume. They are lifelong learners who use their hands to make what their heads think and their hearts feel. Their entire life is one long, creative process expressed in a variety of ways.

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Creative makers

Whitney Habig

Whitney is a wife, mama to two boys, and a writer born and raised in the Hoosier heartland. She runs off strong roots and dark coffee. She grew up on a farm with a vibrant sense of adventure but also loves herself a great pair of heels!


"Recently, within a blink of an eye, I went from civilian wife to proud status of a military wife. When I'm not the soccer mom, nose wiper, villain, I am off creating and wondering."

She is passionate about crafting, decorating, and searching for new adventures. You can find her on Monday nights sipping on a good glass of sweet wine while swooning over The Bachelor. She considers herself a dreamer, creative, and daughter of the King fully embracing the beautiful mess He created her to be.


"Dreams are the whispers of God, reminding me we are each uniquely created and designed for a purpose. It is those dreams I gaze on that sets my soul on fire."

Whitney has been bravely navigating the single mom life while her soldier serves his country. She has been attuned to the whispers of God and spends time dwelling in His words. She spends time on her blog writing to mothers to remind them they are not alone in their struggles.

She dreams of creating a space for moms to come and hear "me too!" while embracing the imperfections and flaws of motherhood.

"I would love to travel and speak to moms face to face and give them the hug that some days, I even need. I dream of lavishly celebrating motherhood together."

Advice for mother dreamers: "My advice to you is not to let fear paralyze your dreams. Find confidence within you, go out, and be brave. This season of motherhood can be daunting, don’t let it take away who God intended you to be. You can still be a dreamer and a mommy, and those dreams can be a reality. Take the grip of your own passions and fly my dears! Your little ones are watching, and they will see the strength and bravery you have. Pray, record, and celebrate together!"

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Holly Catron

Holly and her husband Jim are proud grandparents to five young children and parents to three children in their late 20s early 30s. She works for Purdue Extension as a Community Wellness Coordinator, which is a dream job she would almost do for free and is also a writer. Six years ago she followed a dream and bought a small farm, populating it with animals and growing her own food. She continues to have more dreams for the farm!
“A dreamer is someone who can imagine a different reality. She can visualize that reality and also sees a clear path to get there. With the hope there will be a time when she could be there, she will forge forward to create the picture in her mind, either making it a reality or abandoning it for another dream.”


Since becoming an adult, Holly has watched her dreams become more empowered. As a child, she would often have no idea how to pursue her dreams. Growing up in rural Indiana in a relatively poor area, she did not have a lot of hope that she could make her dreams a reality, so she chose to focus her "dream time" on things she felt could realistically happen. As a child, it was often up to someone else to make her dreams come true, but now she takes action when she knows it's God's plan.


“I call myself a dreamer because I don't just 'go with the flow.' I like and embrace change. If something isn't changing on its own, I figure out ways to make things change. As an optimist, I strive to find a better way to live, to accomplish something, to follow God's path for me. I've sometimes thought, and been dismayed by the thought, that I am discontented. I don't think this is true. I really believe life is an adventure and God moves us, grows us, changes us for His glory and [life's] anything but boring.”

Holly dreams of turning her small farm into a business, and that is now underway! She dreams that the farm will thrive and will be able to educate people about the importance of healthy food. She can visualize fellow-farmers seated on her deck discussing the latest research and how they intend to implement change. She also visualizes farm tours where children can touch an animal and plant a seed — maybe for the first time.

“I dream of a transformed community (my community) where people are healthy and active. I try to make this happen through my job, which is why it's my dream job. The training I receive at work opens possibilities to me to introduce change through close collaboration with others.”

Advice for dreamers: “Don't assume you can't do something you dream of because all change starts with a dream. Find people who share your dream or can help you make your dream a reality. Pray and follow God's direction in your life. He may have sparked the very dream you have.”

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Dāsha Guyton

Dāsha is a Chicago-based award-winning Lifestyle Blogger and Wardrobe Stylist who helps people curate experiences and a wardrobe they love. In a world that keeps trying to pit girl against girl, she chooses to dedicate her creative energy to community over competition. When not working, she can usually be found trying to catch up on episodes of Homeland, making her way through a stack of unread comic books, or on a road-trip with her better half.

“A dreamer is someone who doesn't allow social norms to dictate who they become or how they live their life.”

Her dreams have become so much bigger and a lot more specific over the years because now they are attainable. Dāshas dream is to eventually be able to conduct all of her work online so she can build her business while traveling the world.

“I call myself a dreamer because even when the odds are stacked against me if I believe I can, I do.  Even though I was born to unmarried teenage minority single parents, I refused to just be another negative statistic. I was high school Valedictorian, I graduated as a first generation college student, I'm happily married to the woman of my dreams, and together we left everything and everyone we ever knew in Oklahoma and moved to Chicago—the city voted best in the world for female entrepreneurs.”

She used to place a lot of limitations on her dreams until she realized those limitations only existed in her mind. Now she only limits herself to taking on projects she can manage without outsourcing to keep overhead costs low. She wants to apply for a wholesale license so she can attend trade shows and start curating in preparation to launch an e-commerce store.

Advice for dreamers: “Dreams are great, but they don't work unless you do. Take whatever you're passionate about and turn it into a profitable business. If you're crafty, start a club and charge dues or start selling your products online. If you're obsessed with a particular TV show, chances are other people are too, so why not write fan fiction or start an entertainment blog? Just get creative and whatever you do, don't give up. You may have to go through a ton of not so great ideas to get there, but it only takes one good idea to start a business.

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